Monday, April 2, 2012

Freebies 2 Deals Weekly Match Ups - Grocery Deals

 I love Freebies2Deals
Melea has made it so easy to find sooo many great deals. I especially love that she has weekly match ups for all the major grocery stores. I have no desire to publish my own weekly match-ups because Freebies2Deals already does! I'll post more about Finance, Family, and Fun stuff!  
More specifics on that to come later...

(I hope you all don't mind) 

Since you can already view the weekly match-ups at Freebies2Deals, shopping with coupons should become pretty simple... and then if there is something else you are buying not on the match-ups just check the Coupon Search on my blog for a matching coupon!

Another website I like to use for weekly match-ups is Grocery Smarts. I usually only check it when I'll be shopping at Albertson's (in the Southern Utah area) because that is the one match-up not heavily covered by Freebies2Deals- makes sense because she's in Northern Utah. 

Anyhow, each time you shop you have just three easy steps to make out with great savings:

1) Check Freebies2Deals or GrocerySmarts weekly match-ups

2) Do a quick Coupon Search from MLBB for any other items you need to buy.

3) Print, clip, and shop!
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