Friday, April 13, 2012

Quote of the Day- Dave Ramsey

"I have been broke. I know how scared I felt, and I know how fast I wanted to get out of debt. I know how you feel, and I have learned that what really works is unbelievably fierce, focused intensity." 
-Dave Ramsey
This is soo true! Gazelle intensity is the way to go!

Staying Gazelle Intense!

During my husband's schooling I had high ambitions to make it through debt free. Well, apparently that was just not meant to be... as soon as we moved to our new destination and my husband was in his first week of school, they "so kindly" announced a MAJOR 50% HIKE in tuition. THAT was NOT planned for!

We had to use student loans and lots of them. :( 

We did our BEST to live on the savings we had on hand, which was originally going to get us about a year through school and living expenses. NOT EVEN CLOSE!

Close to $36,000 in student loans later and $7500 out of pocket(not to mention living expenses) for a summer semester (to avoid even higher tuition hikes in the upcoming year) my husband had his MBA certificate.

Was it worth it? YES! 

There may have been some debate on that and even some regrets as to WHERE he got his MBA. But overall, we know that was the path we had taken, meant to be or not, it is what it is. And now we have the wonderful journey of paying off a HUGE amount of debt as a family! LOL... just wonderful!

We regularly have open conversations in our household with our children about how to save, how to plan, and how to set and reach goals. Yes, it is is worth it when we look at what we have accomplished so far, and even more worth it when we see what our children are learning too!

On a side note, I may be a bit too crazy with coupons at times because my oldest daughter often says funny things at the store.

Some quotes from my thrifty little girl...

"No we can't buy that, it's not on sale."


"Sorry, we don't have a coupon for it. Not today."

or my all time favorite...

"We don't buy anything unless it's FREE!" 

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