Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yay for closing on the home... nay for Fright fest found during remodel!

Oh my word! 
Notice I haven't been posting... we have been trying to cram every extra moment we have into remodeling the "new" home. Well, it's for sure not new! Especially to the "New York City" ghost-ville of roaches under the dishwasher and cabinets. We had thought we could just refinish the cabinets as is and make them pretty nice... that was until I started taking the doors and hinges off to prep them. I about died when I found that in the hinges there were dead roaches and black speckles... CAN I JUST SCREAM? -Don't worry, I DID!

It must be October... Halloween(which I normally love, but not in this case!) is just around the corner and if anyone wants to be truly frightened just take a look at what we found! OH MY! I seriously have buyers remorse right now... and I mean seriously! Had any of this been visible or known before purchasing... there would have been no purchase! Forget trying to live frugally... one thing I will NOT do in the sake of saving a buck is live in ROACH-VILLE!  Unfortunately we have already bought the place and done the dirty work! 

THANK HEAVENS FOR MY TRULY AWESOME HEROIC HUSBAND, FATHER AND BROTHER WHO CLEANED UP THE MESS! I didn't go help last night when the horror was uncovered because I was doing mommy duties with 3 sick kiddos. So glad I wasn't there, I would have wanted to take a blow torch to it! LOL. Luckily, we are replacing all those cabinets, all flooring, all appliances and going to be spraying very heavily and repeatedly lots of bug spray and roach killer! The ones found were dead but there is no way I'm going to let any think they can come back!

This is the photo and message my husband sent me during the horrific event! WARNING NOT A PICTURE EVEN FOR THE STRONG, LET ALONE THE WEAK STOMACHS(SUCH AS MINE)!

 "I'll bring dinner home"

**Just for all who might wonder, while we knew this place needed fixing up, it DID NOT look like THIS until removing parts.  

NOTE TO SELF FOR FUTURE PURCHASE(which may happen sooner than planned): MOVE THE APPLIANCES OUT AND LOOK UNDERNEATH TO SHOW TRUE SIGN OF HOME CONDITIONS! And thoroughly do a self inspection... maybe even remove a cabinet or two... then DO NOT BUY ROACHVILLE!
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