Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Paying Painters...

Against my better judgment on finances, we have run out of time and patience for ourselves to get our house painted before flooring comes in... we started on two rooms and have done all the baseboards, closets and trimming but we need the bedroom walls finished and the rest of the walls in the house done...yup we are going to hire it out. I'm pretty sure they'll do a better job than us too, lol. 

We will still need to paint all the doors ourselves and one bedroom still needs the closet and the baseboards painted so we'll do all that first and then let the painters come and tape off then do the walls! Taping has been the horrible part of the process. We bought painters tape, Frog Tape. It was only slightly better than the normal blue painters tape which doesn't say a whole lot about it. All the edges need touch up because the paint leaked underneath the tape so much.  
Anyone know of a better tape or method for protecting areas you don't want painted? Sheesh!
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