Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So I have to say I am not the best at being patient and waiting for things to happen. We are STILL in the process of trying to close on our new little home aka a condo. It seems to be taking forever! I have tried very diligently on my part to get everything lined out and ready to go... the seller(Fannie Mae), well they like to take their time on things. Please cross your fingers for me that we actually get to close by the 15th this month! 

On another note, waiting for a good sale... this is also hard. I have been wanting a really good sale on some laundry detergent, more specifically Tide and also the Unstoppable detergent booster and Land O lakes butter. I am out of good detergent and I'm a bit picky because laundry just stinks to begin with so hopefully soon I'll be able to get some good detergent. And the butter, I just happen to have a good stash of coupons for them. Butter is always useful and we go through it lots when I actually cook.

quote from my husband(just barely), "Life is full of waiting, ya know it, but it's how you wait." 

I love my husband! I'm sure he meant that waiting can somehow be exciting?! lol. It is too... just hard to not want to get things DONE:) 

Another quote that we love, 

"The greatest tragedy in life is when you give up what you want most for what you want now." 

We had this quote on our wall while in student housing trying to make it through my husbands MBA.A constant reminder that it IS worth it!
Really, it is so true. If I think I want to buy new clothes, I want to go on a trip now... how will this affect me? I will be holding us back from getting out of debt and earning our freedom back. Besides, when we are out of debt, we can go on a trip in style! We will be able to have more fun and be happier celebrating our efforts!
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