Friday, September 2, 2011

The Truth about being on a budget and trying to score awesome deals...

I'm on telling the simple truths today, I guess. 

Truth #1 about me, I'm slightly addicted to finding awesome deals through others blogs and on my own of course. 

Truth #2 I AM on a budget, *just in case I forget in a couple of minutes...* when I tell you about this awesome deal for anyone who sews or wants to learn to sew... 

AND Truth #3 Even when something is an AWESOME deal... it DOESN'T mean you have money to buy it and it DOESN'T mean you can't live without it.

Point and Case... Here's the awesome deal...

"This products has over 600 reviews over 4.7/5 being extremely positive
Retail Price: $449.00
Sale Price: $152.00
BUT it gets EVEN better there is $15.00 rebate ( located right on the product’s page)
Final Cost: $137.00 + FREE SHIPPING"

Courtesy of Budget Savvy Diva

So my point is... THIS IS A ROCKIN' DEAL! THIS IS SOMETHING I WOULD LOVE! This is NOT something I can currently pay for out of my budget. *Be strong Julie, talking to myself* With that said, I will not personally be taking advantage of such a great deal! I'M ON A BUDGET. I find that telling you all that helps ME stick to my budget better, and who knows maybe some of you do have it your budget to buy this sweet deal, if not, then you can join me in my budgeting boat. Besides, my current almost 10 year old Brother sewing machine still works.
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