Friday, September 2, 2011

A little truth about MLBB...

Can I tell you how much it bugs me that my life is not in order enough to be making MLBB'S for you all again? 

I haven't been making them since I learned I was pregnant with my now 7 month old baby girl.  It's actually coming up on 3 years for my Etsy Shop, My Lil' Budget Book and I so wish that I could have a big celebration sale... well... maybe by the time it's 3 1/2 years I can! LOL. 

Here are some little truth's about my business I started long ago:

*I actually began selling baby stuff first at BabyBejeweled on etsy. The shop opened August 19, 2007! A few months after having my first baby girl! 

*It was from this shop that I sold my FIRST MLBB on January 20, 2008! So really it has been almost 4 years since MLBB's hit the market!

*I did a lot of searching the internet to see if there was anything like what I had in mind out there already, I found NONE. 

*Soon after I began selling on Etsy, with in just a couple of months, I had others beginning to compete with me! REALLY! At first I was bugged but then it became fun to compete back(most of the time) plus that meant I had a good product that  people wanted!

*I began selling more MLBB's than Baby Stuff so I decided to open a NEW Etsy shop just for them on January 26th, 2009, about year later!

*Between the two shops I have sold about 500 MLBB's, not to mention the ones I have sold outside of Etsy. And that is all with having 3 kids, a couple of different moves, and lots of breaks to keep my sanity and remembering that being MOM is most important!

I have been randomly watching the market on Etsy for products like mine and let me just tell you, there are a bunch of people following my footsteps... I just hope that I can jump back in and give you all the products I created again, but with a fresh new look! 

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