Monday, September 12, 2011

Remembering 9/11 10 years earlier...

I feel that I need to post on this event. It has nothing to do with my blog directly but a whole lot to do with me and every other person who reads this blog, and those who don't as well.  

American or not, the event of 9/11 stands as a witness of how cruel some can be and how simply charitable, heroic, honorable, selfless, loving, kind, strengthening, and spiritual MOST people are.

I remember the events of that day more clearly than most. I was I was a senior in high school in Norman, OK. I was an office aid with my best friend and two other people. We had just been there for about 5 minutes or less and listening to the radio. One of the office aids, Eric, said he had heard on the radio that one of the twin towers had been hit by a plane. I thought it was a joke or that it was a tiny misguided plane that just had an accident. We were even laughing at first about how someone could actually run right into a building by accident, I mean how silly would that be to somehow NOT see the twin towers?!

The radio was on in the office, then next we heard, there was another plane headed for the other tower... and a target set for the oval office... details came out that the planes were huge commercial size planes being overtaken and purposefully aimed right into the towers. Our minds were racing over the thought and we were glued to the radio. I don't remember having any errands to run for the office that day. The whole school seemed to be at a stand still.

School was not canceled, however. Instead tv's and radio's in every classroom were being turned on and students gathered with students and teachers alike and experienced the tragedy as we banded together. People who didn't know each other well were right close together keeping up on the minute by minute news. 

I remember specifically in Art class later that day, all we did was watch the news with everyone huddled together. And I don't remember if it was on that same day or shortly after, it didn't matter anyway, but we were given an art assignment that included several different techniques. I still have my art assignment... I had the thoughts of 9/11 rolling through my mind and though I had never been to New York nor the city, I felt somehow that it was a part of me. This piece of art reflected it the best I could. I love art but I do not claim to be an artist but this piece was gratifying and was/is a remembrance of that day that changed America's history and my life forever.

And although, it was a horrific act of terror by others, I still remember most, the feelings of love I felt towards people I did not know in the accident and in the class rooms around me. The stories of survivors, of firefighters, of heroes, of people doing what they do best, helping and loving others is what stands out most in my mind. The people who didn't even think twice about giving up their own lives to try and save so many others! They are magnificent and will forever be blessed in the eternities, as will their families.

I will always remember 9/11. I will remember where I was when the news hit and the gut wrenching feeling I had, the people I was by, the feelings of horror covered in feelings of love, compassion, and selflessness by and for those in NYC giving up their lives and those surrounding me feeling the exact same things I was. We were no different than each other for a time, which is something that I had never felt anywhere before, school is a place of quick judgments on others and different social status' and with so many different religions and so many different cultures, but for a time we were all focused on something greater than ourselves bringing us all together and reminding us we are equal. No one of any race, religion, country or culture should ever have to be treated with such disregard. Everyone should feel of that equality and that love that was shown during the recovery of that event. I will remember. Pin It

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