Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Inexpensive home updates that add value...

I'm still in the waiting process on our home(I know it's taking forever... that's Fannie Mae for ya) so I decided that it would be fun to look into the cost of some the updates I will be doing.

One that will make a huge impact for our home in our area is ceiling fans. Since really we never get too cold through out the year and we have BLAZING HOT summers the electricity bill can get quite pricey.

Fans can help cut that cost and also attract future renters or buyers(remember, we won't live in this new place for more than about 4 years max then we'll rent it) by having one in each room. 

Fancy fans can get costly... I saw one I thought was pretty cool until I saw the price tag of $243 each.

I personally think that as long as the fan is a newer model and functions well that it won't matter if you spend $50 or $500 on it so why would I spend more than I have to? One more plus is that instead of running your AC so high you can use fans to circulate air flow and make it feel much cooler in your home without the huge electricity bill!

Here is one I found on Amazon that has the brushed bronze that I want. The blades look a little too light but an easy coat of stain can fix that for me.

What are your DIY tips for adding value to your home with out spending too much?
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