Thursday, June 9, 2011

Save on CAR Insurance through Dave Ramsey's ELP

So remember when I told you about the promos going on for the "Rainy Day Cash Giveaway"?

Well when you enter the giveaway it asks you how you feel about your current car insurance. I felt like I got a good deal but I was open to finding out if I could get a better deal. I seriously HIGHLY doubted that my insurance policy could be beat because I have compared prices many times before and no one was able to beat Geico... well I can't say that anymore.

Because of Dave Ramsey's ELP(Endorsed Local Provider) in my state... I'm saving a total of $190 a year through Progressive from what I paid before with Geico. And the real kicker... I'm getting an even better policy with MORE COVERAGE! I definitely was shocked! I have compared with progressive before and they were always higher so I suggest making sure you use an ELP.

I also suggest to enter the giveaway because even if you don't win the $1000 you sure can win by saving on Insurance through Dave's ELP! Thanks Dave and thanks to his ELP Rick Morris!

And while you are at it, order his book for only $10!!
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