Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ad Matching at WAL-MART...LOVE IT!

So this is my trip to Wal-mart I was telling you about!!! I ad matched 6 stores. I usually only ad match a couple at a time but it really wasn’t bad, I had my adds and I had this list to refer to so that I was ready to go! The sweet man checker (I try to always pick a man because they are so much nicer than the women, don’t know why but that has been my experience for sure) was just filling in and not a regular checker but he did it like a trooper and with a bit of help of a CSM who was a woman who was actually the nicest one I have had yet. Special thanks to them!!! They rock!

FYI: I called ahead to Wal-mart and they told me you can add match the final price (after Register Rewards) shown in the ads of Wal-greens and Rite Aid as long as it shows the price!!! This is a whole new thing to me so I’m super excited to step up my game with this little tip!


(12) Ronzoni/American Beauty Pastas .75 a/c .25 = $3

(2) Ragu Sauce $1 a/c .50 = $1.00

(3)Bryers Ice Cream bars $1.99 a/c 1.66= $4.98

(3)Lunchables $2 a/c $1 = $3


1 Crest Tooth Paste $1 a/c FREE

1 Nutella 13 oz $3 a/c $2 = $2

4 Dryers Shakes $1 a/c .50 =$2

6 Medow Gold Novelties $1.60 a/c $1.10 = $6.60


2 Bar S Franks .69 = $1.38


1 Bounce dryer bar $2.99 a/c $1.99

1 Downy $2.99 a/c $1.99

3 Nivea Body Wash 2 for $5 a/c .50 = 1.50

4 Reach Tooth Brushes $1 a/c FREE


6 Pantene shamp/cond $3.00 a/c $2.00= $12.00

1 Crest .97 a/c FREE + .03MM


3 ROOT AWAKENING John Frieda 5.49(get $5 gc when you buy 3)= $3.82 a/cpns = $1.78


2 Milk $2.48 :( :( Getting so expensive but we LOVE milk!

Melon Baller 2.76

BBQ Skewers 1.97

Corn Skewers .97

THESE BELOW ACTUALLY WERE CHEAPER AT WAL-MART than the advertised prices else where

4 Speed stick deo .98 a/c .23= $.98

12 Nature Select variety Gerber baby food $.94 (2pk) a/c .69 = 8.28

2 Cascade Dish trial size .97 a/c FREE +.03MM= .06MM(MONEY MAKER)

I got 80 items for $65.78!!!

I don’t know just how much I saved because Wal-mart doesn’t show a tally of the ad matched savings(and as you can see I add match almost everything in my cart) but after ad matching and before coupons my total was $120.36 and after coupons it was $65.78!! If I were to guess on my add matched saving it would be about $110!!!(And remember that is BEFORE coupons!!! So a total of $165 Savings!!! My total savings percentage is 77%!!!! I think that is the highest I have had in a while since I am usually purchasing must have items with all my coupon shopping anyway.
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