Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Toy Story Wall Decal Review- CSN Stores

I was thrilled to get this wall decal for my boys room. We recently moved and he has had NO decorations in his room. I have had a hard time deciding how to do it. I wanted it cowboy themed because I have cute cowboy hats already and my boy loves the farm and Woody too! Daddy is a bit of a cowboy himself. Of course he looks up to his dad! So when I saw this wall decal I knew I had to have it. It is a HUGE decal! It says about 3 feet on the description and that is pretty close but he seriously seems HUGE! It is so fun. As I put it up, my son got so excited and literally thought he was real! He said HI WOODY! and he still does too! He knows Woody hangs out in his room all the time. Bedtime is more fun because Woody is there! It is just too funny how much he LOVES it!

And as far as the quality of the product, I really love it because it is thicker than traditional vinyl so it doesn't tear easily and you can remove it and then put it up somewhere else. we'll be taking it with us when we move(not for about a year) because I know my son will not want to leave Woody behind! It comes rolled up so when you apply it to the wall, the first couple of days you may notice the edges curling up, just press them back to the wall firmly and they eventually stay put.

The picture above is from CSN Stores, mine turned out a bit blurry. I still need to figure out my new camera. But I put all the small decals on his fan and he loves that too! He can watch them spin around or just stare at them in bed. Plus, he won't be tempted to pull off the little woody's and take them around the house with him! Good thinking huh?!

Over all, WE LOVE IT! It gets 5 stars from us!

By mlbbetsy from Washington, UT on 4/5/2011
So easy to use and a favorite for any Toy Story fan! My boy talks to him as if he were real, it is that good! and we'll be able to remove it easily when we move and put it up in a new place.
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