Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Review of Double Umbrella Doll Stroller

Cute but not the most sturdy

The stroller is very cute and I love that it comes assembled. My daughter wanted this stroller specifically because it is a double and it is PINK. She hasn't seen it in person yet because it is for her birthday. I'm sure she'll love it so that is what matters most. BUT she has a big tough brother who probably will think he needs to test it out... definetly not sturdy enough for that. The wheels seem to be a cheaper plastic and if left outside too much I'm sure they would get frail and crack. We'll see but my impression is that it is a cute stroller but not the most durable so it'll have to be replaced(like the old one she had) down the road.

I would only recommend it to those who want an inexpensive double doll stroller that will only survive one child for a toy.

An ideal, compact stroller when your doll wants to bring along a friend, this Double Umbrella Doll Stroller is a fantastically fun and usefull toy. The Umbrella Stroller has the ability to fold flat and also includes storage baskets, swivel front wheels and a canopy. This is ...

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