Thursday, April 7, 2011

Inbox Goodies! Mail Call!

So I have to say it must be my lucky day today. I went to Wal-mart to snag a few deals and in the parking lot some girl came up to me and offered my a bunch of salon services for only $48, really wish I would have done it but just didn't feel like I could pay for it. Although it is regularly $350 for all it was offerring... pedi, mani, facial, massages, and even a hair cut... most of the services were organic... 

ANYHOW... on to how I am lucky today. So in passing up a great deal on salon services, I came home to these goodies in the mail. My target Beauty Bag full of samples.... yes I got it for FREE. I can give myself at least two good shampoos and even a deep condition... lip moisturizer, and even a bit of a makeover with bold lipstick, and of course some deep skin moisturizer.  THANK YOU TARGET! And if I run out, I have $25 in coupons to refill my needs:)

And the real kicker for the day, I know at some point a while back I tried to get samples of anti aging products because I have uh um.... to notice some... uhh well wrinkles... I guess I'm officially old! Well I don't want to look it! Anyhow I have been looking into different products and just hadn't bought any yet, glad I didn't because this AVON kit came in the mail. I barely remember trying to get a sample from Avon and I assumed it was one of those small little samples you normally receive but this is a whole entire set! There is nothing SAMPLE about it! YUP I GOT IT FOR FREE! I'm pretty sure that Freebies2Deals told me about those of these deals and I somehow was lucky enough to score both!

Can I just say I LOVE FREEBIES2DEALS?!! I may not get a mani, pedi, hair cut and massages for $48 but I get to look younger and feel quite pampered FOR FREE:) Wahoo!

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