Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Simple Way for Anyone and Everyone to be in Control of Their Finances attention, a new book has just been released. For those of you who might be on the more concise and simple side of budgeting... like me, this book is a great easy read. The title is: "Budgeting Basics" Authored by Randi Millward

Randi contacted me and asked if I could read through parts of her book and give a couple of blurbs. Of course, if you know me, a couple of blurbs when it comes to budgeting is well, impossible. I have a lot to say about budgeting. Anyhow, I tried to limit it a bit, after all it is Randi's book:) I just told her to use the blurbs she would like to use most.

This is also my first time getting to review a book and get quoted in it, feeling pretty special I guess you could say. You can purchase this book at this link for only $6.99 and be headed in the right direction for your financial goals.

Choosing to read this book is taking the first step toward being in control of your finances. After all, that is the goal of budgeting. Whether you want to get out of debt, live within your means, or just know where your money is going, a budget is a great first step! Simple. Basic. Easy to read. Easy to understand. Quit worrying about money.

Learn how to use a budget to make sure you're always able to pay your bills. Be in control of your finances. Start today!

What others are saying about Basic Budgeting:

"Randi Lynn Millward has a wonderfully concise, easy to understand way to provide practical advice on how to control personal finances." -

"The painless methods set forth makes a person not only feel better about the process, but actually helps a person to look past the 'budget' to the results of being in control. This is a must-read book for any person struggling with their finances because since it is so straightforward, 'anyone' can do it." - Bob Marette, Author of "From A Millstone To A Milestone: Get Out of Debt in 5-7 Years, Including Mortgage by Applying God's Principles"

" matter what stage of life you are in: rich, poor, middle class, single or married, a budget will help you have a financial plan." - Julie Thompson(ME)
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