Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Roller Coaster Ride of a blog...

Yes, Roller Coaster ride... of a blog! I was just going through and updating parts of my blog by adding tags to my posts. It took me a long time to learn why you would even want to do this so the journey begins.

The roller coaster part? Well, I have to say when I started this blog I was, well, boring...(the low part of a roller coaster ride). Then I got amibitous and excited for new opportunities with my business and for opportunities through my blog.... reviews and giveaways.(The Highs) Although I really had no idea where to take these new steps which has shown lately...(and the lows), and now I am back to the highs again.

I am trying to revamp my blog system from everything to look, posts, tags, relevance, giveaways, reviews, budget tips and so much more. Will you enjoy the ride with me? (cheesy I know...)
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