Friday, September 10, 2010

CSN 'American Plastic Toys' Wagon/ Fisher Price Trike Review

I mentioned not long ago that I was getting to do a review for CSN Stores again and how badly I wanted a console table. Well, lets face it, I live in a small college apartment and I just don't have space for one YET. Soon though, my friends, soon! My hubby is graduating this December... I MAY HAVE mentioned this a couple of times already.
Can you tell I am excited?!

Any how, back to business. I searched for hours over only a sliver of what CSN Stores has to offer just wanting to review almost everything!

Well, when it comes down to it, as mom, I usually buy stuff for my kids before I buy anything for me. And it just so happens that my boy has a birthday coming up and I have been wanting a new trike for him as he is a big boy and can't ride on his little lion or horse riders anymore.  

So I knew I wanted a trike for sure. I chose this one because of the price, the look, and the ability to adjust the seat and pedals as he grows.

It is regularly $29.99 but was on sale for $23.26. I would say that is a pretty darn good price for an adjustable Trike.

So here is my overall feelings about the Fisher Price Grow With Me Trike for boys

Great Price
sleek modern look
adjustable seat and pedals
very sturdy
pretty easy to assemble

you do have to put it together

Honestly, I don't have any other complaints about this trike. It looks great and my boy is going to love it for his 2nd birthday!

I would recommend this trike to anyone looking for a great budget friendly adjustable trike for their child.

Now this second item was kind of picked out of selfishness...

Remember I said I live in an apartment... that means I haul groceries from a parking lot around a building up the stairs into my apartment. Sooo, I decided I should get a WAGON. It benefits both the children and I! I chose another affordable one because I didn't want to pay much extra for it(yes I did, I wanted it that bad).

It is the American Plastic Toys Runabout Wagon for $34.95, Regularly $59.99

Here is my honest overall opinion of this product:

-Great Price
-Great Look
-My kids LOVE IT
-I can haul my groceries with ease
-The swivel in the front works great
-The handle can be easily stored under the wagon
-Fits two  children perfectly

-It did take a good amount of time to put together for me(I try to be handy with tools but this definetly would have been easier with a second person to help me)
-When it arrived and I opened the box, I have to admit, I thought the parts looked cheap
-It is not as sturdy as other brands available but sturdier than I expected for plastic once it is put together. I knew what I was ordering.

Overall, I am pleased, my kids are thrilled, and the wagon has worked great so far.
I would recommend this wagon over others if you are looking for a basic and budget friendly wagon as I was.

Thanks again CSN Stores for a couple more great products at great prices too!

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