Friday, September 10, 2010

Great and Inexpensive Christmas Gift Idea(BUY NOW)

So you'll have to hurry before they run out. Tanga is a new website to me that I just learned about through Freebies 2 Deals. Anyhow, you can buy this set of stainless steel bowls with lids for only $5.99 and $3.99 shipping.
Even better, you can buy up to 4 sets with only $3.99 shipping total.
I am using them to create cute Christmas sets with recipes and ingredients for cookies or brownies, fudge, cream sheese frosting, or maybe something else or even a variety for each size of bowl.
 Just think if you buy 4 sets, the total is just under $30 for 20 bowls with lids. You could sepereate them out for nieghborhood gifts instead of the whole set and it would be $1.50 per gift, plus what ever you put into the bowl! And they are nice looking, not cheap plastic $1.00 bowls.

Hurry on over and get some early Christmas gift giving out of the way:)
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