Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I need some redo/craft Inspiration...

So this is going to sound a bit funny but seriously, I just can't throw it out. We got this cute rocking chair for free and it has been nice to have. Apparantly, my kids are a bit too rough on things and well, the rocking chair started to break and we said ok, we can fix that, well before getting to fix it, this is how it ended up.

It is broken really badly at the joints but when I saw the back of the rocking chair laying there, I thought, there has got to be something cute I can do with that! Ofcourse it'll take some painting and distressing/antiquing but I'm game for that.
My ideas so far...
The not so exciting, a Christmas Card Holder, it could be cute but I am hoping for something more useful.
A little bit better, a pot rack for the kitchen, inspiration coming from this over at So You Think You Can Decorate The only problem is I can't drill into the cement ceiling in my "just awesome" apartment.

I think for the base it will either become a table or stay as a rocking backless chair, but with a little TLC. And I am still waiting for more exciting ideas to come along....PLEASE HELP!
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Toni said...

I love the look of the ladder pot and pan hanger.

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