Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Give Aways that you can enter...

As you all know, I love to give people a chance to win an MLBB... well there are more chances out there waiting to be found...of to the right(hint... hint) there is a list of all product reviews and giveaways that are old and new. Check 'em out.
**Please do not hold me responsible for the content of the bloggers information and language when reading any of these websites, accept for the actual information they have taken from my blog & website... http://www.supahmommy.blogspot.com/ is way funny but viewers discression advised for very strong language, I still think you are awesome though Deb aka Supah**


wait for it....

Here it is....

My newest addition to MLBB. Very ONE OF A KIND appliqued MLBB's.
FYI... this is not included in the giveaways... sorry.

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SupahMommy said...

Thank you for the plug! I do have a bit of popeye mouth .. but my heart is good and I kindly thank you for realizing that even if we differ. I love people like you who do no cast judgement in that manner and who have offered me the chance to promote a great product for a great person. :)

Your mlbb will be up on Wednesday the 26th so everyone RUN over to my site and sign. This is one of my VERY favorite products I've ever run across and I plan to make it a huge part of my "out of debt" COMMITTMENT 09-10.


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