Monday, August 24, 2009

Made by people that need it FOR people that need it!

I have exciting news. Because I have been pretty busy lately with orders and such I decided that I would expand my shop & efforts. I have two kids that keep me pretty busy and I am trying to potty train:) SO fun. Ha!
Because of my time constraints and the popular demand for MLBB's, I have decided to have a couple of other cute Stay At Home Mommies (SAHM's) to help me out. Let me just tell you a bit about this expansion. This has been the plan all along but now the time has come.
You all may know that I began making these because I REALLY needed to use this cash only method of spending(and I am still using it). This product is of course fashionable and appeals to our femanine needs as women but that is not the only reason for making MLBB's. I really love what Dave Ramsey teaches about finances and any way that I can support those teachings and get people excited about them, I will do it.
With that said, I also loved the idea of having a company that can offer an outlet for SAHM who need some extra income and want to make a change in their lives. I have two awesome family members helping me out with the making of MLBB's and others helping to promote.
You may notice that in the sale section of MLBB there are listings for slightly imperfect MLBB's. Jump on these deals while you can. They are really small imperfections put I don't want to discard any product so you'll save $ while I get my MLBB crafters trained.
In short, my Business's Mission statement is this:
"Made By People That Need It For People that Need it"
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