Saturday, March 28, 2009


I just loaded up on great fabrics so there is something sure to please!
Starting with the Apple Fabric and moving clock wise it goes from #1-6Starting with the Paisly Purple #7-12Starting with the Blue/GRN Fresh cut #13-18Starting with the blue going clockwise #19-24Starting with the light Pink going clockwise #25-30Starting with the Green going clockwise #31-35Starting with the top left(green) going clockwise #36-41Starting with the Brown Top Left going left to right top to bottom #42-49And these fabrics are not numbered in any listing yet. They are my MANLY fabrics for My upcoming MANLY MINI...

If there is a specific fabric that you would like a closer look at let me know. I will try to get more closeup shots when I have a bit more time! Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Ever thought about designs for tweens/teens? I have 2 daughters (ages 9/10) and I am trying to teach them about budgeting and saving (Per FP, Jr.) Thank you so much!!

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