Monday, April 6, 2009

What Customers Are Saying...

I have been so blessed with such great customers. Here are just some of the wonderful comments they are making! Names are left off to respect the privacy of customers.

"Thank you for the reply. I have looked all over Etsy and I just like yours the best. I like how the button comes around and is not just a rubber band. Also, yours just look like high quality items. I support Utah-made products! :)"

"I LOVE these. What a fabulous idea. :)"

"I am so excited to have found this! My Dave Ramsey envelopes are falling apart and I have been looking for something cute and useful to replace it with no luck! I've done internet searches a dozen times and finally found this! I can't wait to try it out. I will show our Dave Ramsey instructors at church so they can pass the word along about your products. Thanks!"
"Thanks for such a cool organizational tool and for your wonderful customer service!!"

"My husband saw them and he's a Dave Ramsey freak so I'm hoping to get one for him as well so we can finally have a new envelope system. (Ours kind of fell apart.)...I also just wanted thank you for pushing the Dave Ramsey teachings on people with a cool, creative way to do your cash flow system. It makes me really happy and you are doing a really great thing for people. My husband and I both really appreciate you.Have a great day!! :D"

"Thanks for all your pointers on budgeting. I do well (I for a single mother but you TOTALLY inspired me to do better! It IS so much easier to just swipe a debit. The effects don't hit until later when I realize just how much I really did spend... :) Thanks!! I can't wait to get this and start using it!"

"wow. I am so excited to see a Dave Ramsey fan making budget books!! How cool is that. This is what I have been needing and wanting!! We did the Financial Peace class in 2005, and got to babystep 4, saved up $11,000 and bought a new to us vehicle. After that we seemed to slowing lose some momentum, and fell off the wagon around 6 months ago. Now, I really need this to stick to the budget. How encouarging are you. Thank you for what you're doing. You make me smile today!!"

"I'm in desperate need of some coupon organization! I hope this mini budget book can help : )Can't wait to get it!"

"Fantastic! This little organizer is not only helpful but super cute! I got mine to put coupons in but I can see this would be excellent for budgeting and dividing out spending cash (it even came with a mini calculator and instructions on how to budget wisely). Quick shipping and great communication from seller too. Perfect!!"

"I searched for "coupon" on etsy and found you! Good job with controlling your $$ too. :)"

"My friend will love this. She's doing the Dave Ramsey thing too."

"AWESOME!! I love everything you sent - super cute and highly functional. VERY well made!!!! Thank you for everything!"

"I bought this for my sister in law's birthday and she was so excited for it! What a great idea! Thanks for your prompt shipment!"

"I got this so fast! It is going to be perfect for sorting the bills I always seem to lose track of. Thanks!"

"Fabulous! Just what I wanted and too cute. :) Thank you so much for the super-fast shipping. I'll definitely be a repeat-buyer."

"Exactly as pictured and quick delivery. VERY CUTE!! I love mine! Thanks!"

Seriously, can I just say I LOVE MY CUSTOMERS!
If you would like to post how much you love your Budget Book, feel free to comment! And if you have any helpful hints on budgeting to share with the world, do it here!

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to get these! I even bought one for my 10 y/o daughter. She is going on her first class trip to VA and I plan on budgeting her funds by day, not category. Wonderful idea! I plan on purchasing a few for gifts for Christmas and graduations! You have a loyal customer in Mississippi!

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