Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lemons=Lemonade so broken screen door=picture frame? Obviously! A DIY Pallet Wood Project

So ya know the old saying... "If life gives you Lemons... make lemonade." 

Here is my DIY-er version... "If your house gives you a broken screen door... make a picture frame!"

 It just so happens that is has been quite windy this summer and our back screen door got blown right off (bad) but it somehow left one piece of glass unbroken(good)! Way to stay positive right?

I also seem to be a collector of pallet wood and most of it is still sitting in my back yard... time to start really putting it to good use. 

So with a little imagination, one disassembled pallet, some screws, a couple ceiling fan braces and even a strike plate(to hold the glass in place).... we ended up with THIS!! 

The great part is I didn't even cut a piece of wood to make it. The sizing and placement turned out perfectly for me. 

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