Friday, January 10, 2014

Herbal Essences Review

As you might have guessed from a previous post, I got to recently review the new Herbal Essences Naked Volume Hair care kit. My review is pretty simple considering I'm not a pro when it comes to hair care. 

Herbal Essences Naked Volume Hair Care Kit

1) Shampoo and Conditioner
These two alone are great. The smell is refreshing and clean, White Grapefruit & Mint Extract, not a combination I would have thought of but I love it. My daughter does too(she's 6), she said "Mom, whoever made this sure made it smell good!" My hair is pretty thin and lifeless so any volume added is noticed. Even without styling or blow drying my hair I noticed extra volume after just one wash. It isn't just volume I noticed though, my hair was super shiny too.

2) Styling Mousse
This also smells great. I used the mousse more to tame fly aways and add a little texture in my tips. Also to add some volume at the roots. Using the mousse does give my hair a more finished touch for sure. I don't use mousse every day but when I want my hair to look great I do.

3) Dry Shampoo
Ok, so this one, I just tried out today for the first time. There weren't any instructions on how to apply it but I have used dry shampoo before so I went with what other bottles said to do. I applied it to my roots. It does not leave a white residue or any gritty feeling either. It is supposed to soak up the oils in the hair. I think it does a fair job and for sure extends the need to wash my hair for another day at least. Every mom needs that. 

Overall, I really like the set. There is, however, one thing I'd like to say. The name of it and the add for it, I disapprove of. Without spreading the word and using the very thing they are trying to use I'm just going to say that I wish companies would use good clean advertising tactics and modesty. I know that in today's time so many companies rely on such tactics exactly the opposite of that to sell their products but I wish they would find a better way. 

Just shooting at the hip here but for example, you could say, 
"Herbal Essences 0% Dirty 100% Fresh Volume" 
A fresh clean approach to hair that provides Volumes of compliments for every hair type.
0% Dirty referring to the 0% parobens and dyes. 
Because honestly, we want our hair to be clean, fresh, full of volume, and beautiful for each individual... not ones who have to be naked to catch your eye.

I removed the adds from the box before even letting it around my family. I will also not be posting the video ad from Herbal Essences either because it doesn't reflect my moral standards. I had full intentions of creating a video that reflects my review but alas, my phone, which is my video camera, broke on Christmas day. Great timing right? So Here is my *amazing* How To Order video again :)  


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