Thursday, October 24, 2013

Elephant Hopper Ball Review-

Sponsored Review by JumpingBalls

I remember one of my all time favorite activities as a kid was bouncing around on something like these Hopper Balls... of course they were a bit more plane back in my day

(I am 30 now ya know! YIKES! Ya I just let that one slide by without announcing it on the blog... it did end up being a good day though)...

Anyway, my children and I were so lucky to review these sweet Hopper balls. We received "Ellie and Emily" the Elephant... yes my kids named the Elephants. :) We got the small size for kids ages 3-6.

I think I could just say they are awesome and be done but I'll go ahead with the details for ya!

(My boy right after a wipe out! lol... looking nice and tired and ready for bed in his pj's)

Oodles of bouncing fun
It's exercise for the kids and they don't even know it!
Burn off all that toddler energy :)
These small hopper balls are great for ages 3-6
Easy to inflate
Very durable thick vinyl
Holds in air pressure amazing... 
we haven't had to re-pump at all and we have had them for weeks now. 
Can be used indoors or outdoors
Can be used for therapy sessions for special needs children as well
Great price for the product
Compact when deflated for easy storage
There are different sizes for different ages
There are also different options of animals and characters too

 Does not come with a pump unless you buy a party pack or simply buy the pump.
It may be hard to get your kids OFF of them! 

Check out this video from Jumping Balls... looks like fun... I know you want one! ;) 

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*All opinions expressed are my own honest opinions. I did not receive monetary payment for this review. I did receive the product for review free of charge. 

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