Monday, September 16, 2013

How long will it take.... get back to normal?!

Seriously, we have had the craziest summer and the craziness has continued on. I was being very hopeful that I would be back to regular blogging schedule about a month ago, lol! What a joke!

Sorry guys. It looks like our new normal is chaos, lol! We'll just have to make the best of it. We for sure are not out of boxes, we don't have a single wall freshly painted, and we still haven't hung a single picture yet{I did however hang 4 hooks for backpacks and bags... does that count for anything?} Friday marked 4 weeks since we moved into our new place. 

In a way it seems like we've been here forever but at the same time just since yesterday... It's home but we just haven't made it home yet. I feel like the paint commercial, "I want a purple that's not too pirple but it isn't too puuurple... just the perfect Purple."

Anyway, I come before you today to let you all know I am going to just make things work one way or another and to bear with me.

I will try to start getting other posts going again. Slowly but surely I will find my new schedule again. You all rock for sticking with me! 

Thanks again!
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