Thursday, August 29, 2013

Termites, Mold, Flooding...

These are just a few of the things we have been up to! Sheesh! 
(Didn't see that follow up coming from my last post)

We love our new home and we DID do the proper thing and get an inspection before hand... which DID NOT mention any mold or termite issue or any concern for flooding. Thank goodness the flooding was minimal because my husband became a handy man the day we bought the home. Who knew owning a home could change him over night? Don't get me wrong, he is AMAZING! When it comes to hands on stuff, we just aren't the best at it but hands on stuff comes with owning a home. I have to admit, we are a good pair and worked together to remedy our small flood situation. I'm so impressed with my husbands hidden talents too, he has fixed quite a few things already. As for the termites, well, that'll set our Epic Mickey back a little. Anyway, sorry, I have no pictures to show you because it has been rather chaotic and we are definitely not settled in yet. It'll be 2 weeks on Friday since we moved in. 

Overall, we are doing well. We have had a rough move in but doing well and enjoying the new place. I'll be sure to update you all every once in a while too. Hope you are enjoying the new school year! (That's another thing keeping me busy!)

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