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Famous Dave's Small Batch Self Tanner- REVIEW

**Disclaimer: I was sent free product for review from Famous Dave's. I did not receive any other compensation or pay for this review. All opinions expressed are my own honest opinions**

It's summer, hot and sunny- and I wish I was sitting in this chair! 
...But I am still indoors after having my baby. Swimming is not an option right now but I'm anxiously awaiting the day I can return to the pool.

I don't like being pasty white and I don't want skin cancer. 

So what's a girl to do? 

Use a high quality self tanner! 

Last summer I was able to test out Famous Dave's Self Tanner and loved it. I went back to order more only to find that there is a new product out, Famous Dave's Small Batch Self Tanner. After reading about it I wanted to know more and compare it with the Gold Label Self tanner from last season. I'm so lucky to be able to review this product with you today!

First, the proof is in the pudding pictures! Amazing right?

First I'll start off by simply reviewing the Small Batch Tanner:


No added scent
(Smells much better than other self tanners)
Easy pump action
(No messes from squeezing from a tube)
Handy chart for applying tanner
(Details how much tanner you need for each section of your body)
Creamy white lotion texture
(Feels like you are applying a creamy lotion, not a tanner)
ADDED moisturizer
(leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and looking shiny, moisturized, and tan)
Progressive tanning effect
(says tan progresses over 4-6 hours, I slept on it and the next day I was even darker!) 
Can be used all over body
(safe for the face too!)
Nice natural tan look- Not Orange


Because it looks like lotion, when rubbing it in, it is a bit harder to tell where and how much you have rubbed in. Along with the application instructions included with the lotion, I have found a few extra tips that will make applying any self tanner easier. 

Follow these steps and you'll be able to achieve a flawless, natural looking, safe tan.

1) Set aside enough time. 
If it is your first time, at least 1 hour. 

2) Shower, Exfoliate, and Shave. 
Try doing this the day before applying the tanner, especially if you have sensitive skin.  Be sure to exfoliate a lot, especially where skin is more dry like elbows, ankles, feet, and knees.

3) Moisturize..
This is really important. For those spot like elbows, ankles, knees, and tops of your feet... You'll want to moisturize before applying the tanner. Any moisturizing lotion should do just fine. It will keep your skin from soaking in too much color in those areas that normally get too dark. Some prefer to do this(and exfoliating) for a few days prior to application. I did it right before and after.

4)Use Latex gloves to apply Tanner.
(unless you are allergic) This will keep your palms from turning a funky color.
Apply the tanner as evenly as possible. For the face and neck, add in some lotion to the tanner and apply small amounts at a time. Be sure to get the ears and the back of the neck too... especially if you have short hair like me.

5)Allow time for the tanner to dry. 
With Famous Dave's you can put loose clothing on as soon as 5 minutes after using the Small Batch Reserve but it doesn't hurt to allow a few more minutes if you have the time.

Enjoy your Famous Dave's Tan!

Splotchy Spots??
If you happen to have slightly splotchy spots, an easy fix is to take a cloth or rag and soak a corner in milk then rub in the areas that are too dark. Be sure to rinse quickly after doing this so you don't take away all the color. The enzymes in the milk helps break down the coloring in the tanner. I was skeptical but it worked well for my toes that I didn't realize I had gotten so much tanner on.

Want to go even darker?
Apply another coat of the Tanner for a deeper darker tan. I suggest waiting a day until the first coat has taken full effect or you may be darker than desired.

Overall, I really like the Small Batch Reserve. Even though I loved the Gold Label tanner, I found that the new color(white instead of a dark green color), smell and moisturizing effects of the Small Batch Reserve make it more superior to the Gold Label Tanner. 

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