Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Target CartWheel Savings. NEW way to shop. Cheap SunBlock...

Have you heard of the Target Cartwheel yet?

I just ran across it today. I'm sure I'm a couple days behind being a little absorbed with trying to prepare for this baby to come. (I've been having LOTS of contractions so it may be here any day now!) ANYWAY, I'm curious to see how user friendly this new feature is with Target.

The idea behind it is that not only will you be getting a deal on what you buy but that your friends on Facebook will see what you are getting good deals on. So a little discount for you and some advertising for Target... I'm not sure if it is a fair trade but I'm excited to try it out.

My first purchase will be this deal for sunblock.
(Thanks Freebies2Deals for posting)

Purchase 2 Bottles of Banana Boat Sunscreens for $6.49 Each
Use the $3.25 off 2 Banana Boat Printable Coupon or 2 of the $2.00 off Banana Boat Coupons from the 4-21-13SS
You pay $9.08, but Get a $5 Target Gift Card Back

Total cost $3.34 or $4.08 for both bottles!!
**It is possible to even use the $2.00 off 2 Banana Boat KIDS Suscreen Target Coupon, to save even more!

In order to use the 5% off from the CartWheel you will of course, need to set up a Cartwheel account, add the eCoupon to your account, then either print the Cartwheel bar code just like a coupon OR use your mobile device at checkout to pull up your Cartwheel account to scan the bar code. Seems fairly easy to me. Once I try it out I'll let you know how it went for sure. Also, if you have a Target RedCard (Debit or credit, I have the debit card) you save another 5%!! That makes up for a lot of savings on this transaction. 10% off plus up to $4 off each sunblock bottle! Sweet!
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