Tuesday, May 14, 2013

28 Days!!!

Seriously! I'm so excited... only 4 weeks until I can have this baby! My original due date is June 19th but I can go in a week early, and I will if I make it that far. Let's just say I have BIG babies! ;)  My last baby was 8 pounds even at 15 days early! 

With that being said I have two things on my mind...

1) What needs to be done before baby gets here?

2) Baby Names!! 
We don't know the gender so we are coming up with both boy and girl names... 
and we need help!!

Any Ideas?

And just for you all, that means I'm sure I won't be posting near as much for the next little while... hope you understand! ;) If not, well... owell. Mommyhood is most important and with this being our 4th we have some adjusting to do! LOL!

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