Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pregnancy & Finances don't mix.

I have come to the conclusion that no pregnant woman should have to do the budget. Ever. At least once you hit 6 months and beyond...finances should no longer be up to you to take care of. Don't get me wrong, my husband and I actually do finances together but I am the one that does the shopping for food and clothing for the kids, gifts and whatever else comes up. Now approaching the end of my fourth pregnancy, I can say the same thing happens every time... so this is...

Why Pregnant Women Should NOT grocery shop or budget:

1) Impulsive Buying amplified! 
This is probably a no brainer. You always hear "Don't go the grocery store hungry or you'll spend more." It's very very true... and I'd like to add, Don't go to the Grocery Store pregnant and with cravings.... you'll spend WAAAYYY more than you should. 
Think Cravings + Hunger + Gone shopping= $$$$ 
(and a possible tummy ache later.)
And what pregnant women is organized with their coupons? Not this one!

2) Balance is off in the 3rd Trimester! 
It's true, we are wobbly women when we reach the end... and if you haven't noticed, our physical balance isn't the only thing off... emotional balance, mental balance and yes financial balance all goes array! To be honest, it's all too much to handle for me as an expectant mother. Which leads me to the next topic...

3) We need less stress! 
While I like to think that some days budgeting can be fun(like paying off debt or saving more $$), during the final round of pregnancy, this has never been the case, lol! I feel like any little thing can set me off when I'm huge and pregnant. I have enough to worry about. So I suggest going back to the cash budget(if you aren't already doing it) so you don't stress about the balance in the bank... you have your balance right before you. You can't over draw the bank account if you are using cash... yes it has happened TWICE this past month... SO not proud of that. I *thought* I was on top of it but I've decided in the 3rd trimester, I can never be sure of anything...lol. 

So, if you are like me, make it easy on yourself. Send someone to the store for you with a list of necessities and some cash. If you can't send someone, be sure to USE CASH and take only the amount that will cover what you really need.  I'm making myself a new MLBB just for this purpose. No extra stuff with me and no way to go astray on the budget. 

With CASH.... Once it's gone it's GONE.

Anyone else agree with me on this?
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