Friday, January 25, 2013

UNStoppables Review

First let me just say that not all reviews I do are sponsored. This is one of them! I have received a free small sample pack as many have by mail but that's it. This is just my own honest opinion about a product I LOVE. 

I would absolutely LOVE to be a Downy ambassador for this stuff!

I make my own laundry detergent and I add this stuff to it! It's FABULOUS! And so worth it!
I'm not kidding people... the smell is soooo wonderful(I prefer the blue fresh scent over the purple)! 

So here it is:

*When used with Tide Febreeze- the scent will seriously last weeks!! 
My sis borrowed my swim suit that I had previously washed with this stuff, she used the swim suit and then washed it herself(without Tide or UNStoppables) and could still smell the freshness! It is AWESOME!
(With Tide Febreeze the scent is UNStoppable! But still work awesome with homemade detergent)
*You don't need a whole lot for each load
*Can be used to make candles or as air fresheners!
*The bottles are pretty nice to re-use too! I fill them up with my homemade laundry detergent.
*They are in my favorite color! A girl has got to love some color even if it's in a scent booster!

*They can be pretty expensive. Near $8 a bottle! Yikes.
Be sure to watch for a sale and coupons to get them for a deal... and stock up!

I SOOOO recommend and have recommended several times, this awesome product! 
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