Thursday, January 24, 2013

Perfect Energy Supplement Review

New Chapter Organics

"Perfect Energy Supplement"
New Chapter Perfect Energy 36 Tabs
I'm always looking for safe ways to boost my energy. As a mom of three, almost four,
I need more energy constantly!

I was given the chance to review the "Perfect Energy Supplement" months back but have hesitated to post the review. I always feel guilty when my reviews aren't rave reviews for the product especially when I have had such a great experience with the company. So before I decided to post this review I did contact them first and, as an honest company would, they said please do post your honest review of the product. Thank you New Chapter Organics and Best Price Nutrition for being honest and straight forward!

So here is what I found...

(For me I don't care either way but I know there is a growing population that does care)
*No caffeine
*Naturally Gluten Free
*Contains Lots of daily vitamins

(For more details on the ingredients Click HERE.)

*Absolutely NO change in energy... I was neither more tired nor more energetic. 
*One Ingredient concerned me- the ingredient is Morning Glory extract. Yes, Morning Glory extract. You know that plant that some people use to get high- yes it concerned me. When I asked about it, before taking it,(I asked my Dr. and New Chapter Organics), I was told it is such a small dose that it can not cause harm and it is not considered a drug. The Morning Glory is meant to give a sense of "well-being".  According to New Chapter, it’s supposed to help revitalize healthy life rhythms which encourages mental focus, fortitude, and perseverance during times of stress. I did not notice ANY change what so ever from taking this product in energy or sense of well-being.
*You are supposed to take 3 pills a day... I have a hard time remembering to take ONE.

Overall, I had no known effect from the supplement and I am still concerned about the ingredients, not all organic ingredients are good for you, whether they be considered a drug or not.

I can say that I'm sure the results vary from person to person as well, as on the website there are positive reviews so this is a product I say do your homework on before taking it.

Although, you can know that the company is there to answer any questions or concerns as well.

Disclaimer: I received free product to review but was not in anyway paid to write this review. The opinions expressed in the review are my own honest and personal opinions.

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