Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Save 50%+ On FRESH PRODUCE! Southern Utah!

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(Only good for today!!!)

Save 50% on FRESH PRODUCE! Jumbo Joe's! 

Normally it's $20 per "basket" but you can buy vouchers for only $10 right now on and you can buy as many as you want.

Things to know
* (You can also look at past baskets if you want to check it out first)
*Must use vouchers between Feb 1 - March 12 
*Order Friday-Monday on the
*ONLY ONE VOUCHER CAN BE REDEEMED PER WEEK (So if you want one for each week during the cycle I believe you can get 6 vouchers... and a lot of produce really cheap
*Pick up is on Friday mid morning
*You can choose your basket, either fruit, veggie, or mixed.
*You will know what you are getting in the basket too(No surprises)
*Jumbo Joe's comes boxed and ready to take(no basket needed)

My first impression with Jumbo Joe's was that it was great produce and still less expensive than the grocery store but that Bountiful Baskets came with more produce for the money... BUT with this deal- it for sure makes it worth while and an even a better deal than Bountiful Baskets. I bought 5- would have bought 6 but we will be out of town a little during the promotion.

Seriously, you get lots of produce and it is so fresh- this is a no brainer way to save on Groceries... 
skip the grocery store for 6 weeks! :)

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