Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cute Cheap Halloween Craft Idea. Candle Sticks! Southern Utah.

Since you will be heading to Tai Pan for the Ladies night out, be sure to visit the back right corner where they have clearance items. You should find battery operated Candle sticks at 50% off. There are two red tall candles sticks similar to the ones below with a silver base(not as tall as the ones shown in the picture) for only $2! 

That's $1 for EACH candle and base! 
(There were TONS left last time I went, I don't think people realize what it is)

I bought two sets, although I am going to buy more... since my boy decided to take apart one of them... it no longer works. Thanks son. Love you.


I plan to spray paint one set black and then do spider webs or skulls on them. These candle sticks are great because they are much safer than a lit one! They totally flicker like a real candle too!

If you have a cool mantle, these would help bring an extra Erie Halloween feel to your decor!

**ALSO, These are great for *setting the mood* lol! And for Christmas and Valentines day since they are red- no spray painting necessary!

While you are here, be sure to enter the Mickey Mouse Halloween Giveaway!
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