Friday, September 7, 2012

USA Kids Cups Review

U.S.A. Kids Cups
No-spill sippy cups - Farm and JungleNo-spill sippy cups - Cat and Castle

If you have kids, you have sippy cups. Period. Possibly 50 different kinds of sippy cups too. Some are great while others are terrible! I could name a few but today I want to share with you an AWESOME sippy cup that is super cute too!

USA Kids Cups are unique for a few reasons, 

#1 They are made in the US of A!! 
You can feel great supporting the USA economy instead of... uh um... those other countries who shall remain nameless.

#2 Special No-Leak Valve!
It is unlike any other and it isn't a dinky rubber one that is easily stained hard to clean! It's a snap on hard plastic valve. Speaking of cleaning...

#3 Easy to Clean
Since it is a hard plastic snap on valve, it also snaps off easily. The cup, lid and valve are all dishwasher safe! Cleaning is easy peasy or... you could say It's a Snap! Oh snap!

#4 BPA Free
What mom needs one more thing to worry about like chemicals that are harmful to their children?! None! They do not contain any Bisphenol-A(BPA), which, according to research has been shown to leach into foods and liquids and can be harmful to animals and possibly humans(whether it's harmful or not, you bet as mom you will worry... I have enough to worry about!)

#5 Environmentally Friendly
The cups are made out of recyclable plastic so when your kids out grow them, just toss them in the recycle bin!

They have a few different designs, one set for girls, one set for boys, and one gender neutral set! 
All are super cute!

My boy love his because it has farm animals! My girls love the butterflies, flowers, and beach scenes.

My kids were super excited when they saw the new sippy cups, and sad that I wouldn't let them use them right away! LOL! Wash before use as usual. 

I personally put my kids to bed with a sippy full of water almost every night to make sure we aren't woken up with the, "I need a drink" call but I have had many that just leak all over the place! I'm happy to have these leak PROOF sippy cups! No more wet beds... at least not from water... *sigh* and LOL! 

To BUY these cups, head HERE!
*Available at your local Wal-mart!
Watch for an upcoming coupon right here from MLBB!

*Disclaimer: I was not paid to review these products however, I did receive free product to review. All opinions expressed are my own honest opinions. All information I chose to share about the product comes directly from the USA Kids Cups website.  

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