Thursday, October 4, 2012

I NEED Your input PLEASE :)

I'm still entirely open to constructive criticism :)

OK, honesty moment here. I am tired of blogging. REALLY tired of it. I have even thought of quitting cold turkey. Seriously. BUT I have put a lot of time and effort into growing this blog and bringing deals to you all. I don't want to just remove it but I DON'T want it to rule my life... in other words, I need to really focus my time better when it comes to blogging and deals I post.

Can you all please answer a few questions? Thanks! I sooo appreciate it!

1) How often do you visit my blog?

a) Daily
c)Only when there is a giveaway

2) What are your favorite posts?

a) Daily Deals
b)Grocery Match Ups
c)Personal Finance stories(Epic Mickey and so forth)
d)All the above

3) If I created a page full of "Daily Deal" sites, would you use it?

4) Do you like the idea of "Featured Deals"?

5) What do you like or not like about this site? What would you like to see?

I really can't spend much time on here. The past week has been major evidence of that for me. I have 3 small children and my oldest got her tonsils out so I totally just put the blog on the back burner. She is doing pretty good now but we have had to wake up 3-4 times a night to give her medicine and comfort her, not to mention the other kids when they have been sick. My boy threw up all over his bed one night then peed on it the next... and my baby is teething and catching a little cold. These are times where I am forced to forget everything else. When we are doing well, I really prefer to soak in that time too so I really just want to focus on what is most useful for you as my readers! 
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Shayanne Snodgress said...


I hope things get a bit easier for ya and you're able to do whats best for you and your family

Julie said...

Thank you Shayanne! :)

Nova said...

1-B 2-A 3-yes 4-indifferent 5-I like the product reviews

Michele Clarke said...

I use two bloggers only for matchups. It's pretty much all their site is meant for. I find more than 2 disorienting. I prefer giveaways and/or articles.

JR911 said...

First time I've ever been to your site, so don't have too much to offer yet. I love recipes that are good for busy moms and giveaways. julieann r

Susan said...

1) Daily
2) Grocery Match Ups
3) Probably not. I skim to see what stuff I think is interesting.
4) I think the featured deal thing is cool!
5) To be honest, I'm a bit overwhelmed. There are buttons and pictures all over the sidebars x_X

Julie said...

Thank you all so much I really appreciate your feedback! I am hoping for some more and I will take it all into consideration. Overall, I just need some focus back, lol!

Julieann, I just have to say Hi! :)

My full name is Julieanne :)

Michele, Thank you too. I like using for match ups and so I really don't want to get too far into doing match ups. I'm glad to have your input!

Nova! Thank you as well! I've always wondered if people really liked the reviews.

Susan, I agree, it's a bit overwhelming and I am trying to come up with a good solution for it. Thank you!

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