Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Little Bit on Life... FIRSTS.

I have really come to realize I worry and stress A LOT! And it only gets worse as my children get older. 

My daughter had picture day in Kindergarten today (She looked adorable but not without a couple of temper tantrums while trying to get ready) and tomorrow she gets her tonsils and adenoids removed. Yes I do understand that is a good reason to worry, I just tend to take it a step further. 

She is my oldest so this is the first time we are going through all of these things. First child to walk, to be potty trained, to be a school age child, first day of school, first picture day, first to get tonsils removed, first to learn to read, first to learn to make friends... she's just FIRST in everything when it comes to raising our children. 

I have been worrying about getting her tonsils removed for over a year now because she has been complaining of headaches for a long time and snores at night, not to mention she gets sore throats regularly... BUT I was worried so much about doing the surgery that we have waited until now to do it. 

She is only 5 so it should be an easy recovery compared to older kids but I keep getting tons of comments about how other mothers have been through this process and the kids are miserable so I need to be sure to make things as easy as possible....

Well, last night I spent a good amount of money just on snacks such as ice cream, pop-cycles, pudding, soup, juice drinks, and more soup! I'm positive we'll still have a lot of it left even after she is fully recovered...

So basically, I'm here to admit to you, I go over board, there are times I stress like crazy, and there are times when I don't worry about the budget when other things matter more. 

As my husband said, I am making sure I take care of my little girl! ;) And I will be MIA for a little bit while she is going through this process. 

Don't worry, I'll be back to announce the winner of the HUGE GIVEAWAY!!!

And thanks to my sister Sue, I have some fun new craft projects to post about so I will be back!
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