Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I lost 14 pounds in ONE MONTH!!! I'll tell you how!

As of Nov 2013, Distributor Prices have changed and all orders must be processed through my corporate site at UNLESS you are local. If you live in Southern Utah, you may email and make arrangements for pick up. 

1/23/2013 UPDATE:
If you don't already know, I'm pregnant and haven't been taking Velocity during pregnancy and I'm proud to say that I STILL have not gained all that weight I lost back and I'm 4 1/2 months along!
Wahoo! I do miss the energy I got from Velocity though! :)

9/25/12 UPDATE:
After losing 19 pounds I quit taking Velocity every day and only took it once or twice a week for energy( I love the energy it gives me). Just about a week ago I decided to go back to taking it daily and see if I could loose 10 more pounds... I have lost another 4 pounds already!
That's a total of 23 pounds LOST on Velocity!
(I actually lost another pound that same week for a total of 24 pounds lost on Velocity!!)

UPDATE: I have now lost 19 pounds in 1 1/2 months!!

I am seriously AMAZED! 

I hope no one is offended by me telling you my weight loss secret- if you are or you don't care... just skip this post : ) 

I have never been one to even consider a diet or a weight loss supplement but after my third child and no results(weight loss) with my work outs I gave in. And I'm glad I did! 


And I'm still loosing weight! I went from a size 10(a little loose but not much) to an easy size 4, almost a 2! 

I wouldn't be talking about it on my blog if I, Julie, didn't personally experience it. I was skeptical of the weight loss but I wanted the energy so I took it for the energy to help me work out more often, harder, and longer and to turn that into a habit. It worked AND I LOST 14 POUNDS in just over a month(about 5 weeks)!

What mom of even just one kid doesn't need an extra energy boost?! And as a mom of three, I was struggling to get energy into even one of my days a week! 

I'm headed into me second month of taking the Energy and Weight Loss Supplement and so excited to see the results again!

What is it I am taking? What's my secret?! 

I have had many people ask me already so I'll tell you!

It's a natural weight loss supplement loaded with power fruits Acai, Camu-Camu, and Cupuacu. With just one capsule a day, it adds up to 8 hours of energy boost without the usual crash when it wears off. The Pure Dried blend of fruit acts as a multi-vitamin and provides many health benefits. It suppresses hunger and curbs cravings for sugar and fast foods, making it easier to eat healthy and smaller portions and maintain a healthy weight long term. 


The name alone is so perfect for the supplement because I lost weight FAST!

My sister is a Velocity Consultant and introduced me to it. I was hesitant but then I went ahead and tried it. 
Now that I know IT WORKS, I decided that I need to share it with others! Results vary from person to person of course. My sister lost 15 pounds in two weeks, my dad only lost a few pounds in a month, and I lost 14 pounds in 5 weeks. 

I'm so excited for this supplement to help change your lives by giving you energy and weight loss!

As of Nov 2013, Distributor Prices have changed and all orders must be processed through my corporate site at UNLESS you are local. If you live in Southern Utah, you may email and make arrangements for pick up.

For more information and to order Velocity go HERE.

*If you are interested in telling people you know about the product and earning money while loosing weight just email me at and put in the title 
"Velocity, Earn Money and Loose Weight!"

**Waiver, while this is my own personal experience with Velocity, results and effects vary from person to person. I can not be held responsible for your use of the product or your results although I will do my best to answer any and all questions for you and keep cheering you on. Consult with a physician if you have any health concerns. Thanks!**
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Lisa said...
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Julie said...

Your article on weight loss is helpful too! I always do better when I exercise in the morning. My husband does eat ice cream for breakfast every now and then, lol!

Christy Maurer said...

Can I ask if this is all you did? Or did you cut calories and exercise as well? Thanks!

Julie said...

Hi Christy, As I state in the article, I was training for a half marathon but didn't start to loose weight until I took Velocity. It helped my workouts tons. As far as cutting calories, yes but not by counting or by paying attention to it, just by naturally not being hungry due to the hunger suppressant in Velocity. I really don't feel hungry on Velocity and have to remember to eat. I also feel full really fast when I do eat. Hope that helps!

Christy Maurer said...

Thanks! I know a bunch of people are promoting Body by Vi now and I know that they are cutting to 1200 calories and working out like crazy yet saying it's the shakes that are making them lose the weight. Thanks for getting back to me!

Julie said...

Your welcome, sorry i didn't see your comment earlier on. Velocity is great because you don't have to work out or cut back on food to loose weight but you'll want to with the energy boost and hunger suppressant from it! I honestly have never tried any other weight loss plan(besides exercise) before this and am so happy that I don't need to now.

Valerie said...

Kudos to you for your successful weight loss. I also would like to shed some pounds but I think I will just focus on doing proper exercise and healthy diet which includes fruits, veggies, using coconut oil instead of other types of cooking oil and take some supplements such as my immune support and probiotics.

Julie said...

Thank you Valerie for your input. I strongly recommend both exercise and proper nutrition. I had been working out regularly for 3 months and watching what I eat but loosing nothing, that is when I started taking Velocity. I also have coconut oil in my pantry as well ;) It's great stuff!

All in all, I worked out HARD all through my weight loss, just didn't start losing until I took Velocity. I trained for and ran a half marathon- first time EVER running a race. Velocity helped me keep going with good energy and weight loss to stay motivated!

Everyone is different but I can tell you that if you feel stuck, Velocity can kick you into gear!

I'm pregnant now so I am no longer taking it but I'm so glad to know that I won't have to wait years after this baby to loose the weight and get my energy back.

Geradine said...

Wow, amazing story and congrats to your weight loss. You can be really proud!

Julie said...

Thank you so much Geradine! :)

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