Thursday, July 5, 2012

Business Owners- Free App & Free Card Reader by Intuit

Has anyone used this brand before?

I love how they seem so easy to use! You can request a free card reader and app from Intuit.

Things you should know before proceeding:

1) CHOOSE the Pay-As-You-Go option if you don't know how much you'll use it. 

2) 2.7% transaction fee per swiped card. 3.7% fee per keyed card.

3) You will have to provide your SSN for tax purposes.

4) You either have to sign up for a card account from Intuit(to directly deposit funds from transactions) or enter bank routing number and account number to deposit to.

5) Read the fine print on the Credit Card fees and the Card account before accepting too. Sounds like certain cards may have more or less fees. 

I am hesitating because I don't want to enter my social- have you used this before? What do you think about it?

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