Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nail Fraud vs. Jamberry Nails

Quite a while back some of us scored free Jamberry Nail Shields through a daily deal site and then shortly after we were able to score some free Nail Fraud nail shields

Here is the packaging for both, front then back where the instructions are.

What's the difference between the two you ask? 

Well, I'm here to show you the difference!

I'll start with the Jamberry Nail Sheilds.

We got them for free through a daily deal site.
No drying time.
Lasts up to two weeks(even longer for me, three).
SOO many styles to choose from.
Thicker durable shield aka nail sticker.
Light weight
it doesn't feel like you are wearing anything on your nails vs.'s acrylic nails or nail polish
Easily applied: just peel and stick, then blow dry for a few seconds.
Enough to do two sets of toes and nails depending on nail sizes.
Only $15 a set with FREE SHIPPING.
Leaves a super smooth surface and looks like a real manicure- I have ridges in my nails and they didn't show.
Came with detailed instructions so you KNOW what you are doing.

Blow dryer is too hot for my little girl to handle.
Trimming the edges is a bit tedious but not terrible.

Now for Nail Fraud- 

The design we got was cute.
We got them for free through a daily deal site.
No drying time.
No blow dryer necessary.
Easy stick application(read more on that under cons though).
Came with 50% off coupon.
Only $12 for a set but you pay for shipping of about $3.
Enough to do both mine and my daughters fingers and toes.


Thin and flimsy shield aka nail sticker causing tears and ripples.

Packaging is excessive- has two sides of clear packaging to remove from nail adhesives- a bit difficult but I learned a little trick, just pinch and slide the nail adhesive and the thin clear film will slide off a little then you can peel apart.

Lasts up to a week- not really, my daughter has already lost 4 of hers in less than a day.

Not durable, if you plan to do dishes, wear closed toed shoes(like running shoes), these are not going to stay pretty.

Trimming was tedious- even more so than the Jamberry brand.

Not very many styles to choose from- and the ones there are right now, just aren't that cute in my opinion.

Not great instructions leaving you to try and figure it out for yourself.

Overall, Jamberry takes the cake. 

They have SOOO many styles I love and often have deals like Buy 3 get one Free! 
Plus they are based out of Utah too! I actually don't know where Nail Fraud is based out of but Utah or not, I don't care for them and I won't be buying any at even 50% off with the coupon. 

Sorry Nail Fraud... I hope you are able to improve your product more by getting reviews like mine. I rarely have a bad review to give but want to be totally honest to help customers and businesses alike.

 **I was not paid by either company nor given product directly from either company to review. This post is all my own personal opinion about products I "purchased" through daily deal sites.

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