Monday, June 25, 2012

Homemade Laundry Detergent Recipe- amazing!

It's time for me to make more of my...

It is simple and only takes a few minutes(even less if you have an automatic cheese grater) i did mine by hand.

Recipe for one batch:
(I make 3-4 batches at a time)
1 Fels-Naptha Bar 
2 cups Borax powder
2 cups A&H WASHING soda

I also blended it through my Magic Bullet just to create a finer mixture. Then I put mine in an old ice cream bucket, not the cutest but it was free and it's actually quite handy- plus that means I enjoyed a good treat:)

One normal load is just 2 tablespoons(1/8 a cup)- Large or EXTRA dirty, 3-4 Tablespoons

I bought the 40 oz. box of Borax at Target for only $3.35(compared to Harmon's $5.99) but they didn't have the rest of the supplies so I bought the rest at Harmon's- not the cheapest place to buy it all(just the closest to me)... I've heard Wal-mart has it much cheaper($1 a bar of Fels-Naptha). 
So lets do the math here(I know math this early in the morning-my head hurts):
1 bars Fels-naptha=  $1.99(or even $1 from Wal-mart)
1/4 box borax(assuming there is 16 cps worth)= $0.84
1/4 box washing soda(assuming 16 cups worth)=$0.82

Total of $2.66 per batch if you buy Fels-Naptha at Wal-mart or $3.66 if you buy from Harmon's

Each load costs as little as 5 CENTS!!!

Correct my math if I'm wrong.

If you are a couponer like me... you may have seen the great deal on Tide for $2.99(after sale and coupon)... that was for the 20-40 loads per bottle. Assume it's 40 loads at $2.99(which is RARE, btw)
that is .07475 cents per load! Still more than the homemade detergent! 
Yup... and like I said THAT TIDE SALE IS RARE! 

Here are some tid bits I learned while using it so far:

*it doesn't leave really any scent after being washed... I add a "scent booster"-  I have read you can add in a scented bar of soap like dove or whatever you like.

*the shredded fels-naptha kind of separates in the mix so give it a stir when you scoop for the wash.

*For HE you are supposed to use 2 Tblspoons and for regular I have read that you should use a 1/4 to half cup... I actually have been using 2 Tblspoons in my NON HE washer and it has been fine.

*It worked great on throw up and nasty explosive poop stained sheets- yes it happened... like 3 times over the holidays.... both came out great.

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