Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flying Greeting Card Review

Ok, I just have to say that this is just a super cool idea! I mean really... day in day out... you go check the mail, you get envelopes, adds, and an occasional package-which I know I enjoy... but how cool is this....?

Open the mail box and receive INSTANT FUN! 

I received this Flying Card in the mail just yesterday! It instantly put a smile on my face! Of course I LOVE that they personalized it with my very own Blog Name and Banner! How cool is that? You can add an image to these things too!?! And I want to let you know, these Frisbee's are not cheap little flimsy Frisbee's! The gold one I received is very thick and durable! 

I totally think it would be so cool to use the Flying Cards as an invitation to a Summer or Outdoor Birthday party or to ask someone to a high school dance. 

Of course you could just use it as a Birthday surprise for your kids and their friends. I also like that you could send one to the cousins who you don't necessarily buy gifts for but give them at least a card anyway- 
why not Send A Flying Card instead?!

Some idea's to print on it:

"Come have a Flying Good Time at Jack's 5th Birthday Party
Bring your Frisbee for Frisbee golf and other fun games at the Park."

"Zip on Down to Jessie's Party"

"I think you are pretty fly! Would you go to Sadie's with me?"

Or this would be fun to send to your friends for an Ultimate Frisbee Championship! Maybe even do a silly Schedule or just say, "Meet every Tuesday at 9 in the park!" 
Yes I so would have done this in college! :)

And it would be great for doing business promotions too! 
"Bring in this Frisbee and save 20% off your purchase!" 
Of course I would already think the Frisbee was cool enough, no discount needed!

For more ideas just visit Send A Flying Car's Idea page.

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