Friday, June 22, 2012

Cooking Pans Set only $12.99- Perfect for weddings!

SCORE 6 BAKING PANS for only $12.99 plus shipping of $6.99!! 
(A total of about $3.33 per pan, this set is normally $48!! so that's more than 50% off even after shipping)

Summers are FULL of weddings and this gift could end up being sufficient for 4-6 different weddings! (Depending on how well you know the couple, anyway, lol!)

Just keep in mind that shipping can take a long time... even 3-4 weeks. So don't plan on it for a wedding next week.

Graveyard Mall Short Story

Ok, I just have to say that I have ordered and received products from Graveyard Mall a couple of times and I am awaiting shipment for another order. I've been loving the deals that have been soo applicable to our families needs lately. 

With that said, I did end up receiving a message that said they refunded a purchase of mine- I guess the item was sold out by the time I purchased it somehow. Still wish that I could have gotten it...I mean I did blog about the item... that awesome deal on the stainless steel looking scale for only $17.99... ya, sad story... 

Anyhow, I contacted them and was given a message of apology for the inconvenience for having to refund the product and I also received a $20 credit to my account for a future purchase. Ok, I guess that pretty much makes up for the mistake. I just wanted you all to be aware that this CAN happen but even if it does they'll take care of you.

I'll be looking for a new scale again! :( I think I may just go to Target this time, lol...

Have any of you ran into problems like this before?


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