Friday, June 29, 2012

Budget Tip of the Week!

Alright, I have been wanting to talk to you about this for a while now, especially since the blog's growing fast! (Thank you!)

I post A LOT of deals! 

I DON'T buy all those deals I post. 

In fact, I don't buy them unless it is something my family needs or has talked about wanting for a while AND IT HAS TO BE A REALLY GOOD DEAL FIRST!
(Unless it's FREE of course...but then I call it getting it for free instead of buying it)

I *hope* you are doing the same thing. 

So my Budget Tip of the Week is, wait for it.... 


Why not?! 

Because in the end, you are still spending money and if it is not a deal that you would have bought or that you can afford- it is not a good deal for you! 

We do need to think ahead, plan and Christmas for instance. 
If you do all your shopping in December, you are sure to waste money and pay more for the items on the "list" if you don't plan ahead.  

So as this blog continues to grow and I continue to share all these great deals and great products, I want you to know I still FULLY SUPPORT sticking to a budget and only buying something you NEED or LOVE AND CAN AFFORD- of course it helps when we get a good deal on them.

Here is one of our successful EXAMPLES in planning ahead: 

My husband and I decided it was time to buy a bike trailer that doubles as a jogging stroller. 

I have been searching local yard sale sites and almost bought a USED one for $100 but I would still have had to buy the stroller kit for another $60-70. WE(yes together you need to make financial decisions with your spouse) decided that it was still too much and not quite what we wanted. 

We waited and guess what?! Target just this week has a GREAT sale on a bike trailer that already comes with the stroller kit for $139!!! But even better, I had a $10 gift card and my store had them priced at $119.99- which apparently was a mistake but they honored the posted price. And with a Target Red card I save another 5% so about a total of $105 we got a BRAND NEW bike trailer with a jogging stroller kit! 
We did not buy it impulsively and we watched for a deal.

What items are you all looking for that you would LOVE 
to find a deal on?
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