Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oscar Myer Lunch meat packs, 20 CENTS!!! SMITHS

We go through lunch meat like it's candy around our household so I'll for sure be stocking up on this deal. I don't know if the catalina's will roll over for the same product but either way this is awesome!

F2D posted about it here, this is what Malea posted:
Here is how you can get Oscar Mayer lunch meat for only $0.20 (at SMITHS or other Kroger affiliated stores):
Purchase 5 Oscar Mayer Lunch Meat 2 oz. Packs at $1.00 each
You will pay $5.00 but you will receive a catalina for $4.00 off your next purchase
Total cost only $1.00! That’s only $0.20 per pack!

Such and awesome deal! I haven't tried it before but I bet you can easily freeze and thaw these packs as needed too!
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