Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Jogger's Mace- Running Safety.

Mace Pepper Spray Gun - Pink with Pepper Spray Cartridge and a Water Practice Cartridge
OK, so I have officially been running for a few months now and have reached the point where the miles are just too long to run on a boring treadmill. I normally don't get to run with others because between my husband and I, we are lucky to get time to run at all, let alone with anyone else. 

And thanks to my sister-in-law(and yes, THANKS, you may have saved my life as I will no longer be running unprepared) I was told about a LOCAL story of a female runner being attacked(and much worse) MID DAY. I have always felt self-conscious about running by myself and try to be very aware of my surroundings while I'm out but in the back of my mind I have also felt like there was no way someone that creepy would be prowling around my town. Well, the guy has NOT been caught and I am completely creeped out that I even went running by myself while he has been out there somewhere.

SO, I'm packing next time I go running. No not a gun, but a MASE sprayer. Although, I am seriously thinking about getting a concealed weapons permit now. I just don't want to give up my running due to my fear of the creepers out there. Running is hard for me in the first place but now that I have gotten so far with it, I feel like I need to keep doing it to stay active and healthy. I'm not going to stop running but I'll be prepared IF anything happens. 

Anyway, here are some 
Running Safety tips.

1) Never run alone.(again, this is the hard part for me. I rarely get to run with people.)
2) NEVER run in the dark... especially alone. (I don't... but as you can see creepers come out in the day time too)
3) Run in highly populated and trafficked areas, main streets or super busy trails... so it will look like you are with people and so there is an audience to witness any such crime-  therefore causing perps to stay away.
4) Carry MASE or even a small concealed weapon(with permit).
5) Don't use headphones while running outdoors. If you need music, just use the speakers on your ipod or MP3... if you don't have one with speakers... get one.
6) Don't run the same time every day or the same trail every time so an onlooker won't know your schedule. -Great tip from my niece.

The pink MASE gun(comes in other colors too) shown is only like $80! While I really like it(it's the girl in me) this jogger MASE spray can is only $13 and just as safe. It has a strap that wraps around your hand and the can fits in the palm of your hand.This was my purchase today at Sportsman's Warehouse. 

Nope no coupon for this one... but worth every penny.
Sabre Jogger Pepper Spray

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