Wednesday, May 9, 2012

GROCERY MATCH UPS: Freebies 2 Deals & GrocerySmarts

If you don't already know, here at MLBB I don't do weekly grocery match ups because there are already  some fabulous blogs and sites that do. I just don't have the time to do my own and I LOVE these blogs anyway, so I'll just direct you to them periodically! 

AND FOR YOUR WEEKLY MATCH UPS... click the links below:

I'll use my time to post about budgeting, great deals that I don't see posted else where, crafts, a little of fitness, and whatever else my little heart desires. 

I've read that the most successful blogs have one major topic and just stick to that but I have a hard time just focusing on ONE thing and I'm hoping you don't hold that against me:) If you want one main topic, just use the tags I have created off to the right of my blog. 

They look like this...

(Finances: Budgeting, Debt, Coupons, Freebies)
(Family: Stories of raising children, lessons learned, personal goals, pretty much anything I want)
(Fitness- Pretty self explanatory. This is where I'll share what I learn through my journey to my own personal fitness... and training for my first half marathon!)
(FUN: Crafts, Tutorials, Giveaways, Reviews, Etsy Shop highlights, even fun FAMILY activities)

You may notice changes over time to make it more convenient to find what YOU want to read about but for now we'll leave it up to these three.
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