Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Oh goodness, it's crunch time!

I'm feeling so tired and worn down and have NO ENERGY to pack up my house... but we are MOVING TOMORROW! Sheesh... 

I just need to repeat the phrase, "I think I can I think I can..." in my mind.

Or the phrase, "Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming swimming swimming!"  

That one is two fold... I will always have a pool at my disposal from here on out! It's our view from our kitchen window! Yes we share it with the neighbors but I have hardly ever seen anyone swimming so it'll have a more private feel! I'm so excited because even when it becomes a rental, the kids and I can still go swimming when we want to! Wahoo!

Good news is today we officially have all our new appliances and the carpet is all installed and looks fantastic! The fridge has to be replaced though because there was a puncture hole in the freezer. Can't be totally easy right?  We have internet already set up at the new place too so I'll be good to go when we get the computer over there:)

We have a bit of work to do on the cabinets! Oh goodness, the cabinets. I will openly admit I wish we could have afforded really nice ones my brother makes, he is amazing!! let me know if you want custom cabinets ;)  But we had to buy the least expensive thing out there, Home Depot unfinished cabinets that are made in China... I know right! Awesome... Really I think they will look great when I am finished painting, antiquing and glazing them. BUT we had 3 cabinets that DID NOT FIT the space. Grrr... and we didn't know it until AFTER painting them. Not to mention these cabinets really don't make good use of space... the drawers are tiny compared to my brothers cabinet and the lazy susan corner cabinet, also tiny... 24" where as my brothers would be 32"...

I probably should take the blame for this but let me tell you, through this entire remodel... I have had to make a bajillion visits to Home Depot and Lowe's AND I HAD TO DO IT WITH 3 to 4 children every times- except like twice out of the bajillion visits!! I was bound to make a couple mistakes here and there, just wish they wouldn't have been so drastic. Whatev, I'm over it now.

 But be on the look out for the AFTER PHOTOS! YAY! It really truly was a HUGE trasformation! And let me just say, these pictures do not do justice to how awful the place really looked...

That is the front door from the inside... walk up the steps with me... and try not to hurl...
Off to the left is the living room(the biggest room in the place)... not a whole lot to look at...
Then walking through the living room into the kitchen... it's still 1985 in here(when the place was built)

 Good sized pantry though...
 Back door to patio...
And as for the cabinets... these next 3 pictures will explain why we DID NOT KEEP THEM. OH GOODNESS! Don't puke! (They are GONE).
I took off the doors... then the hinges... and found loads of roach poop... DISGUSTING! We had only seen one bug before this time... oh how that multiplied fast. 
My sweet hubs doing all he can to rid the place of nastiness. See the stains on the walls... that was after we washed them... you can image what was there right? AHH!
 Now back up a bit to the front entry way where the steps are... instead of going left, turn right... and you'll be in the hallway which holds this beauty... very weird shaped storage closet... it'll be well used. Especially that slant, kids have already learned they can use it as a slide.
 Awesomeness found on the door... yup that's putty...
Then onto the first room(almost as big as the master bedroom)... nice... it has two closets! perfect for two kids!
The view out the window

 The middle bedroom... small... very small room with one closet.
Here is a taste of the color we put on the walls... builder biege but slightly darker... very nuetral and soothing... it will be a rental(our key phrase during the remodel)
The bathroom(only bathroom...)

 And the back patio... apparently it had been egged in it's previous life...

And all the windows pretty much looked like this. Thanks to my brother for the tips on how to take care of this... they no longer look scary! Cut out a v shape by the window so you can get the moldy junk out...  they preferably paint with kilz then caulk then paint. Problem gone.
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